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You have the flexibility to choose the functionality you want on every screen. Make it easy or make it capable. Consider moving from one to the other, step by step.

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Take the trial but use your data. Just provide your information and we will populate the database. You will have a realistic trial to ensure a successful evaluation.


Mobile CMMS


Access FlexMaint™ with desktops, laptops or mobile devices. Either use our cloud based option or install on your own network and provide internal WiFi access.


Maintenance Management

Any Sector, Any Industry

FlexMaint™ is suitable for any industry or facility, small or large, due to the flexibility that comes as standard and under your control. You design the software to suit your needs.

FlexMaint™ Preventive Maintenance CMMS – works the way you want


FlexMaint™ is a browser based Preventive Maintenance CMMS Software. With it’s ultimate flexibility, it can be customised by the user. This makes it suitabe for small, medium or large enterprises. Apart from a few selected mandatory items, every other field on the screen can be turned on or off, made mandatory or not, or read only or not. FlexMaint™ also allows clients total profile control including the asset tree structure, thereby limiting the user privileges by only allowing access to certain assets. This makes it suitable for organisations with multiple plants. This is the closest you can get to easy to use CMMS preventive maintenance management software, because you control the menus and screens and therefore the software, and it’s use.

FlexMaint™ CMMS fills the gap between entry level solutions and the larger expensive packages, for a low purchase or rental cost.

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FlexMaint™ CMMS Features


Dashboard and KPI's

Dashboard and KPI’s

KPI’s are available on dashboards and reports, and can focus on critical areas of your business. Typically this includes planned maintenance, work orders, technicians, suppliers, inventory management, showing both time and cost measurements for your easy analysis.


cmms software barcodes


Xetec is pleased to announce that Barcode Scanning is now part of its FlexMaint™ CMMS Preventive Maintenance Management software. Designed to enhance the performance of your Maintenance Department.


Work Order Technician 1

Technician Calendar

FlexMaint™ CMMS offers two main calendars, a Work Order calendar and a Technician calendar. These calendars will give an easy view representation of all your work orders and help you manage work more efficiently.

Condition Based Monitoring

Condition Based Monitoring can be set up through PM Tasks and is associated to the asset with set points or parameters. It alerts you to problems at an early stage before they develop into major faults, thereby prevents impending breakdowns that may be costly to the company.

Offline Capability

Offline capability will ensure that your maintenance information can be viewed, edited and saved no matter what your location – the FlexMaint™ app simply stores the data, then syncs it with the system when internet is available or on return to the office.




The Checklist PM Task creates one work order for multiple assets and any number of ordered inspection tasks. 3 default conditions of good, fair and poor are available with mandatory reporting and instant work request feedback available on fair and poor conditions. Add e-mail alerts for a truly live system.



Upcoming Exhibitions

 National Manufacturing & Supply Chain Expo 2017 

Xetec is delighted to be returning to The National Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition in Citywest Hotel, Dublin on 31st January 2017. FlexMaint™ CMMS is suitable for all enterprises for a low purchase or rental cost. Stop by our stand No.51 for a quick demo.

Facilities Management Ireland 2017 

Come join Xetec at the Facilities Management Ireland Expo on 7th – 8th March 2017 at the RDS, Dublin. We would be delighted to show you some of the features and capabilities of FlexMaint™ and how it can enhance your facility/maintenance requirements.

 Maintec 2017 

Xetec is once again returning to the NEC in Birmingham on 21st – 23rd March 2017 for Maintec 2017. Xetec will be presenting FlexMaint™ CMMS and providing demonstration of the software so why not drop by the stand. We look forward to seeing you at the event.

 Latest News – Coming Soon

FlexDayta™ – Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

FlexDayta™ is the realisation that FlexMaint™ must connect to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). It provides control, monitoring and evaluation capability of data from all types of equipment and sensors. The solutions are highly versatile due to flexible I/O’s and multi-protocol capability, therefore dramatically reducing engineering and infrastructure costs. The introduction or use of existing of intelligent monitoring devices to installations allows superior decision making capability. This compliments the existing FlexMaint™ CMMS Maintenance Management Software and will enhance your maintenance requirements even further.




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