Work Requests

Work Requests

Work requests can be directly recorded by the requester or centrally through a Help Desk. Screens can be designed to only show the fields that you require.

Work Request Features

Authorised generation of work order.


Visibility of work order progress available to requester.


Risk Factor Calculation is an optional feature.


Additional Work Request Features

Send Email when Work Request is created

An email will be sent to a designated email address when a work request is created and saved in the FlexMaint system.

Enable Work Request Title from Drop Down

A list of previous work request titles will be on the drop down list so the requester can choose the same title from the list, instead of having to type the title again.

Enable Risk Factor Calculation

The Risk Factor Calculation is a matrix of factors such as likelihood and severity that quantifies the risks and provides you with a numerical ratio that helps to prioritize the Work Request and allocation of the maintenance work.

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