Planned Maintenance Tasks

Planned Maintenance Tasks

A full library of your template Planned Maintenance tasks are maintained with associated documents such as permits, legal service documents and standard operating procedures. With an automatic facility for PM Task generation, a choice of generating whether the previous work order is closed or not, and the facility to manage what happens when work orders are closed early or late, you have total control of the work load schedule. Should you avail of the work order and technician calendars, which total show task times per day, you would then have a very capable planning tool to consider. Assign one or multiple assets to each PM Task, and manage the multiple different scheduled dates individually for each similar asset. Schedule the work for technicians and or contractors and if you wish, send them all an e-mail with a copy of the triggered work order when the threshold warning date has been reached. Attachment documents are possible, but using the controlled document always ensures you have the latest official safety statement and permit. PM Tasks are available for meter based triggers allowing for a threshold count warning.

Planned Maintenance Features

conversion of planned maintenance to work orders is manual or automatic


can schedule technicians, contractors and parts


parts list responds to the asset spare parts list


can attach documents and SOP’s as attachments or controlled documents


e-mail notice to engineers and contractors when work orders are generated


calendar planner available with hours per day (and per technician, allowing for shift pattern) to ensure workload can be managed


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