NFC offers many advantages when used with your CMMS Maintenance Software. Take speed, accuracy and ease of use for example. Areas of benefit are inspections, audit surveys, inventory management, in fact anywhere data is needed quickly and accurately.

Take a look at the possible screenshots in the pdf file below to begin to figure out how it can help you in your organisation, and imagine all that data going back to your CMMS for reports and dashboard graphs. If you think of another way, please let us know.

How it works

The NFC tag simply saves information by programming it with an ID and information. This information can be read by any mobile device with NFC communication capability. The data can travel in both directions but typically moves from tag to device. The data can then be acted upon in many different ways. It can create questions where a simple yes/no answer is required, or open up a screen where further information needs to be collected. The information can then be synchronised with your CMMS package, and reported upon, or feed a dashboard.

When tagged, the user’s details, GPS co-ordinates and a date and time stamp can be associated with any collected information. If proof of presence is a common requirement in your organisation, the GPS co-ordinates saved on the tag can then be compared with the GPS co-ordinates of the device.

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