Many CMMS software systems claim to be easy, and we are one of them. We believe in order for a CMMS software program to be easily manageable and user friendly, the content and capability must be reduced. That is why we offer FlexMaint™ CMMS software which provides all of the basic requirements for you as a Maintenance Manager running your Maintenance Department. At the same time we also allow users to customize screens and data fields to suit their requirements. Although some fields are mandatory, with FlexMaint™ CMMS software you can customize fields as visible or not, mandatory or not, read only or not. Screens can also be designed by the user to appropriate specifications and requirements. As your business develops, this flexibility permits the addition of other functionality, and new data fields, so your software adapts to your working environment.

What distinguishes FlexMaint™ CMMS Software from other CMMS is its flexibility:

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