Customised Free Trial

Take a Real Trial with your data

We work with you to ensure you have the reports and KPI’s you need so you can make informed decisions regarding your maintenance management needs.

FlexMaint™ CMMS offers a maintenance management free trial with a difference – using YOUR data.

The benefit is that you will see how your data works in situ and where the customization needs to occur for your business.


The trial will give you a general indication of some of the capabilities of the FlexMaint™ CMMS software package and its ease of use.


We simply:

Send you a pre-configured spreadsheet which you fill it in and return to us


We create a database using your data and provide you with a user name and password


Once we send you the link, you will see your assets in the system and you will be able to create Work Requests, Work Orders and PM Tasks etc.


General Trial

If you do not wish to use your own data, we can also arrange a general trial for you, where you will be provided with an empty database. If you click on the various Tabs, you will be able to add Assets, Work Requests, Work Orders and PM Tasks, etc.

Request a Trial

If you would like a trial of FlexMaint™ software, please contact us for details and we will send you the link.

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Alternatively, please call our office:

Ireland   +353 1 2867 444
UK         +44 121 7900 655

**Please help us to help you get the most out of your FlexMaint™ CMMS trial.

Because FlexMaint™ is so flexible, if you would like a trial that is more tailored to your requirements,  please fill out the Questionnaire so that we can better understand your business.

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