Customise your CMMS

Customise your CMMS

One big reason to consider FlexMaint™ CMMS Preventative Maintenance Software

Key Benefit: You customise your own screens.

The clue is in the name, flex for flexibility. And now with FlexMaint™ CMMS Preventative Maintenance Software, you have that flexibility within your control. We have included an administration screen where you can control which data fields are visible, mandatory, or read only. For example, you the designer, decides to allow additions to be made to drop-down select fields or not. The benefit is that users complete each dialog in minimum time and effort. We will give you all the functionality you may require and you decide what you see and use.  This is the closest you can get to ‘easy to use’ software!

The idea is that this facilitates easier implementation as the software only increases in functionality in a step-by-step fashion according to requirements. It is then much easier to manage the way you operate. Start with the easy basic functionality to ensure you get up and running quickly!

With the Flexibility and Functionality of FlexMaint™ CMMS preventative maintenance software you have the ability to customize your software to your requirements.

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