FlexMaint™ CMMS currently offers two calendars, a Work Order calendar and a Technician calendar. These calendars give a visual representation of work orders on a monthly, weekly or daily basis for analysis and planning. A key benefit is that the number of hours work for each day is shown in either calendar. In the case of the technician monthly calendars, if the number of hours scheduled is greater than the technicians available time, or if the work order is scheduled outside his shift pattern, then the background colour for that day changes to pink to indicate changes need to be made.

Weekly Work Order Calendar

The weekly work order calendar shows all tasks that are scheduled for the week.


All tasks have a pre-determined descriptive colour code to correspond with the work order status.


You can amend or change the date or time of each task by simply dragging it to a different date on the calendar.


Monthly Work Order Calendar

The monthly work order calendar shows the tasks for the month and allows longer range planning.


The total number of hours required to complete all work orders in a day is shown on each day.


Again it is possible to drag work orders from one day to another and clicking on any work order opens it for editing.


Individual Technicians Calendar

The individual Technician Calendar manages the task and hours for each technician.


It shows the technicians available hours in blue and the estimated number of hours in all work orders in red.


Holidays or unavailable hours are depicted by a different specific colour.


Multiple Technicians Calendar

The multiple Technician Calendar can show two or more technician calendars over the selected time period.


This allows you to compare technician’s workloads and to make adjustments to ensure task and technician schedules match.


Clicking on any work order opens it up for editing.


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