FlexMaint™ CMMS software is built with total flexibility, therefore it is possible to configure menus, screens, and dialogues. That means you design the software to suit your process, rather than the other way around. With the possibility of only seeing what you need, now you have easy to use CMMS software. When you are happy with the basic system and want more, you, the user adds new functionality, allowing FlexMaint™ to grow with your requirements.

The key to FlexMaint™ CMMS Software is the flexibility, by allowing each user only see what they need to see. Apart from a few selected mandatory items, every other field on the screen can be turned on or off, made mandatory or not, or read only or not. This is the closest you can get to easy to use CMMS maintenance management software, because you control the screen, the software, and therefore it’s use.

The CMMS software is available as a local or cloud based installation on a server, yours or ours.


Works with all browsers, so there is no need to install client software.


Using WiFi and tablets, you have real time access at minimal cost.


Customisable menus, screens and dialogues.


Asset Register

The basis of most CMMS software is the Asset Register. It contains all general, technical, historic and financial information about each asset. The assets are shown in tree structures designed by you. FlexMaint™ CMMS has any number of asset tree structures which allow you to easily see the data you need to, for example, geographical, functional, by supplier, by cost centre, etc., you decide how...

Work Orders

Work Orders containing all the information needed to complete every task are created automatically from planned maintenance or manually by users. Information can include technicians and or contractors, parts, controlled documents or attachments, instructions, permits, PPE, and user defined fields ensuring your technicians have all they need.

Planned Maintenance

A full library of template Planned Maintenance tasks are maintained with associated documents such as health and safety procedures and permits, document attachments and standard operating procedures, similar to the Work Orders. Auto / Manual conversion of planned maintenance tasks to work orders is available.

Spare Parts Inventory

Manage your spare parts with FIFO inventory management including multiple warehouses, stock re-order reports and the automatic facility to book parts for planned maintenance. Using the easy facility on one screen for all stock adjustments and re-valuation, can assist in easy and regular stock checks if necessary.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

KPI’s are available on dashboards and reports. The KPI’s are available as bar charts, line graphs and pie charts where applicable. You have all the information you need.

Bar Codes

Barcodes will improve your stock inventory and make your CMMS software more cost effective and reliable. FlexMaint provides the capability to generate your own barcodes. This is an optional module.


Optional Work Order and Technician calendars enable users to easily see the workload schedule with the ability to see the total quantity of hours per day necessary to complete the tasks. In the technician calendar, unavailable time is highlighted when work orders don’t match the technicians’ time shift pattern.

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