CMMS Implementation Preparation Guide

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We suggest that Excel is used to collect the following data. Should you wish to receive blank excel files with pre-defined columns for information please contact

work orders cmms implementation


  • Group them into geographical groups – functional groups can be added later
  • Collect attributes and data definitions from technical, financial, warranty, criticality, perspectives
  • Create planned maintenance routines based on in house and manufacturers recommendations
  • Set out and add frequencies and schedules for the planned maintenance
  • Prepare controlled documents, and H&S documents for Planned Maintenance Tasks and Work Orders
  • List all recommended spare parts by unique code and descriptions
  • Consider safety, operational and financial reports and KPI’s required to meet objectives and targets
  • Create a list of users and consider the profiles that will have what type of access to the CMMS


Consider the following …

The points above are only a short form guide to basic preparation. To properly consider and plan for implementation requires much more information and input. The benefit of greater preparation is the possibility of faster implementation and the better chance of success. To assist in this area, we have a a far more detailed guide available and can possibly offer time on site to examine the current system and propose how FlexMaint could help in improving your preventive maintenance management.


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