Technician Training

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Managing key information on Health and Safety in the Maintenance Department is an important aspect of FlexMaint™ work order management software

Technician Training

As training takes place for each individual it is important to record the activity along with an expiry date. In FlexMaint™ work order management software training records are kept in a simple record screen along with the expiry date, which can be reported on. This ensures that the health and safety training requirements for all individuals are continuously monitored and kept up to date.

Technician Qualifications and Expertise

There is a more specific use for Technician Qualifications as FlexMaint™ uses Qualifications to manage work order assignment on all assets, providing a message when the technician’s qualifications do not match the skills required by the work order task. The facility to record the appropriate qualifications within the technician and asset information records, allows a comparison to be made when the technician is assigned in a Work Order.

The user then has the ability to prevent the assignment of the technician where the qualifications are not adequate, or to allow and provide an associate technician to work alongside. Re-certification is managed through standard reports.

Technician Activity and Safety Records

A day’s work for a technician can involve many activities that are not directly work order related. These include training, induction, meetings or, more important to Health and Safety, a record of all accidents or illness. Providing a record of this information is vital to both individual and company. The analysis of this is available through reports.

Operators and Departments

FlexMaint™ work order management software now has the capability to define production operators and departments and compare the qualifications necessary for the operators to work in particular departments, recognising a lack of skills or qualifications necessary, complete with expiry dates on the qualifications.

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