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Portrait Of Repairman Arriving In VanFlexMaint is suitable for Service Management as it is available online for your mobile employees and of course your customers. Whereas all customers and their assets are available in the customer tree, each customer can only see their own installation and associated assets. And you can allow them to record requests for technicians to attend site, or work to be completed, again only on their own assets.

Key benefits are;

  • If you are a maintenance service provider, there is the advantage of allowing your clients direct access to your database. You can restrict their access so they only see their own assets, yet you see all the work to be managed on every site.
  • Deployment is instant, all you need is your own hardware with a browser, and we take care of the rest.
  • Suitable for a start-up operation, the FlexMaint can be scaled to suit the size of your business and client base.


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