Retail Management

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Retailers need a seamless quick response to a myriad of events in the their competitive fast moving industry. Begin the store request on any pc or mobile device. Easily submit all necessary information to the HelpDesk which may trigger e-mails to relevant people depending on the nature of the task or asset. Instantly inform the Contractor with full details of the required response. Await and monitor the completion of the task with times for SLA’s, costs and repair notes.

Work Request from the Store

Fast Contractor Notification

SLA measurement

Contractor Logon with Feedback and Costs

Store Equipment Risk Assessments

Staff Department Training

Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls

Pre Delivery Vehicle Inspection Checks

KPI Reports and Dashboard




  • Data Integrity is improved
  • Reduce amount of paper records and filing
  • Improve efficiency and productivity

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