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One significant aspect of a planned maintenance programme is Preventive/Preventative Maintenance, where equipment is inspected and serviced at pre-planned regular intervals, thereby eliminating breakdowns and reducing downtime. Therefore, instead of waiting for a machine to fail or breakdown, you prevent the failure before it occurs. FlexMaint™ CMMS contains Planned Maintenance Tasks that can be set to manually or automatically generate work orders and notify the technician by email when tasks are scheduled. See Planned Maintenance Tasks for more details.

The preventive maintenance can be either time-based or interval based  so your assets are maintained at the highest level at all times. It is now easier to manage preventive maintenance with the FlexMaint™ CMMS system as meter based triggers are a standard feature on the software. All you have to do is set the interval and threshold, record your meter reading and let FlexMaint™ CMMS generate the work order for you. Preventive maintenance ensure that there is minimal disruption in production as failures are detected or serviced before they happen.

Having a good Preventive Maintenance programme in place will help you manage your equipment more efficiently, increase production and save you money.



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