Inspections Based Maintenance & Checklists

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Inspections and checklists are a simple method to evaluate your preventative maintenance requirements and eliminate problems before they start. The earlier a problem is detected, the greater the chance of prevention rather than cure. Routine inspections identify and address early maintenance repairs so your assets have a longer and more productive lifespan.

With FlexMaint™ CMMS, the  system will provide easy fast access for single or multiple tasks which will ensure minimal downtime and increase productivity –  a simple approach to any preventative maintenance programme.

Inspections with immediate live feedback for instant reaction

The life of an Asset can be prolonged from periodic routine inspections to check on their condition. The FlexMaint™ system allows you to set up an inspection based PM Task (converts to a regular Work Order) for one asset with an unlimited number of simple inspection questions. Or if you wish, you can create one inspection based maintenance PM Task with a list of inspection tasks for multiple assets all on different dates. And get instant feedback on any unacceptable conditions.

Work Order – Inspection List


  • The Inspection based PM Task creates 1 Work Order for each asset listed in the PM Task.
  • The inspection questions are linked to the selected Asset Family in the PM Task or WO.
  • When creating the Inspection PM Task, choose which tasks are applicable from an overall list.
  • Enable a Risk Assessment on each condition if required.



Work Order Inspection

Work Order Inspection


  • The Inspection Work Order shows a list of all the checks.
  • When you click on the condition, the background colour changes to a traffic light system.
  • Comments are mandatory if the condition is reported as Fair or Poor.
  • Instant feedback is available to all by generating a new Work Request, if required.




The major difference between checklists and inspections, is that that PM Task Checklists can be used for multiple assets, with one or more inspection checks. Therefore, if you have many assets that need to be inspected on the same day with one or more inspection factors involved, then the checklist process would be the better option.

preventative maintenance checklist

Work Order – Multiple Assets with 1 Inspection Question


  •  The Checklist PM Task creates 1 Work Order for multiple assets with multiple inspection checks.
  • The Asset Column will list all the multiple assets for inspection.
  • Multiple inspection based checks will appear under one checklist.
  • This facilitates all Assets to be inspected with one work order.




Inspections and Checklists are based on questions and a condition. The questions can be customized by the user and then linked to the selected asset/assets easily. The conditions in the FlexMaint™ system are set as default to Poor, Fair and Good. If the condition is Poor or Fair, the comments box changes to yellow and it becomes a mandatory field. The status colours allow for easy identification of any problem areas and further action requirement.

Condition Colour Status


  • Poor –    If the condition is Poor, the status colour is Red
  • Fair –     If the condition is Fair, the status colour is Orange
  • Good –   If the condition is Good, the status colour is Green



Both Inspections and Checklist have a possible risk factor matrix made up of likelihood and severity. This information will be displayed on the new Work Request so that the maintenance manager will know the urgency and the possible required action in the work request.

A photo of the asset can be uploaded onto the system by simply clicking on the icon in the photo column if a mobile device is used. This will provide the technician with a visually representation of the asset, especially if it is a more complex problem.

 Simplify your Maintenance using FlexMaint™ Inspections and Checklists


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