Planned Maintenance

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Planned Maintenance is scheduled maintenance that is carried out at specific periods and it is an integral part of any maintenance management system. Having a good planned maintenance system in place will save you money, improve the overall performance of your assets and increase their life span.

Planned Maintenance is normally carried out by a technician who is assigned the task of maintaining the asset/equipment at regular planned intervals in order to avoid unscheduled breakdowns and guarantee optimum performance. The planned maintenance programme may also be aligned with the recommendations outlined by manufacturer, therefore it is up to the maintenance manager to decide the best course of action for the business.

The maintenance plan is designed so each technician knows the schedule of work on a day to day or week to week basis ensuring the smooth operation of the equipment at all times. With the FlexMaint CMMS system, the technician’s time shift, calendar and work order calendar makes scheduling easy and straightforward. See Technicians and Calendars for more details.

Breakdowns or downtime in production can be costly, therefore for this reason, it is imperative for every business to have a planned maintenance plan in place. The maintenance plan is dependent on many factors, such as, age of the asset or equipment, when it was purchased, running time, meter readings, components etc. Knowing when your equipment needs to be serviced or checked also helps you manage your overall expenditure over a longer period of time and ensures that you have all the spare parts that you require in stock. FlexMaint™ CMMS offers a comprehensive easy to use stock control inventory. The software is set up so you can made stock adjustment and stock revaluation in just a few clicks, thereby taking the hassle out of your stock movement. See Spare Parts Inventory for more details.


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