Inspections and Checklists

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What’s the difference? Because FlexMaint has both, we made the distinction that our inspections focus on one asset with many individual tickable tasks, and our checklists have one or more checks for many assets.

As standard, our PM Tasks and Work Orders have instructions, which are based on a simple text field. You could include box type brackets [ ] to create a “tickbox”, which could be ticked if you printed the work order and then used a pen.

Now we have included the facility to include a inspection type capability in the PM Tasks and Work Orders. Here you can specify the inspection check and are able to do the following;

  • electronically confirm that multiple inspection tasks, one by one have been carried out
  • report on the condition
  • add comments
  • estimate time and number of engineers to complete the job
  • complete a risk assessment matrix
  • take a photo
  • username automatically recorded
  • create a work request, which contains the comments from the inspection task

This is available as an inspection for one work order at a time, or as a checklist for multiple assets.

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