FlexMaint™ Off-line Capability

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FlexMaint™ CMMS has become even more mobile with the addition of our user friendly iOS and android off-line application.

tablet for app2With more technicians using mobile devices in the field, the need for off-line capability is progressively growing due to the inconsistencies’ with internet or WIFi connections in certain working environments.

Off-line capability will ensure that your maintenance information can be viewed, edited and saved no matter what your location – the FlexMaint™ iOS and android application simply stores the data, then syncs it with the system when internet is available or on return to the office. The off-line capability allows the technician to search and filter the asset directory, as well as take pictures or scans if a more visual representation of the work is required.

With a simple click of a button, the work order fields automatically update with the new data once the app is synchronized with the system.



  • For use with mobile android tablets and iOS iPads.
  • View, edit and save your data whether on-line or off-line.
  • Capable of searching and/or filtering the asset directory.
  • Ability to add Work Orders whether on-line or off-line.
  • Take pictures or scans that can be saved to the asset, part or work order.
  • When a technician logs in to the app it will download only his own ‘ToDo’ and ‘In Progress’ work orders from the main application.
  • Technicians can record Actual Start and End date and time of their work, fill in a report and save the work order as closed.
  • Work orders will disappear from view on the app once they have been closed and synchronized and any new ‘ToDo’, work orders for that technician will download and appear.
  • Off-line synchronization – connects to the internet/WiFi when  available or on return to the office.
  • Record maintenance work in real time when on-line.

This process allows your technicians to be more productive in the field and record information whatever the environment.


FlexMaint™ works on the latest versions of iOS and Android devices:

For Android – Version 5 lollipop or later.

For iOS -Version 8 or later.

Sample Android Screens

Work Order Screen

This is the Work Order Screen with Status and Actual Start and End Dates

Work Order List

        When the technician logs on, a list of  work orders appear on the screen

Check List Function

Create one work order with multiple checks on multiple assets




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