FlexMaint™ CMMS at a glance

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  • Complete Historical Work Order Capability
Filter history on asset, technician, work type or even a phrase in a report rsz_bearing_parts planned maintenance

  • Asset Condition Monitoring
Record multiple set point measurements for any asset and produce graphs for trend analysis

  • Asset Management Costing’s
Accurately produce costing on any criteria such as an Asset or Asset Groups, Types and Cost Codes etc

  • Asset Parts Management
Add parts to Asset Parts Lists, Work Orders or PM Tasks

  • Multiple Tree Structures for Asset Classification
Ability to see assets in any grouping or type such as geographical, technical, system, cost centre etc

  • Asset Tree Structure Restriction
Possibility to restrict user access to certain Assets, and importantly, irrespective of user profile

  • Flexible Dialogue Boxes
Dialogue boxes are configurable according to your unique requirements with mandatory or read-only capability where necessary


  • Single Input Screen
Assets, Work Orders, PM Tasks are editable through a single screen

  • Barcode Feature (optional)
Data integrity through use of barcodes where necessary

  • Planned Maintenance & Work Order Attachments
Permits, Health & Safety requirements, PDF’s, can be linked as attachments or controlled documents to Work Orders or Planned Maintenance Tasks

  • User Defined Fields
Add user defined fields to any Asset, Work Order or  Planned Maintenance Task

  • Searchable List Views for Assets, Work Orders, Planned Maintenance Tasks, Parts etc.
Search any column instantly in your list view by any phrase, i.e. find all Word Orders with the word ‘bearing’

Help Desk:

  • Help Desk & Work Requests
Log Work Request from any PC with live feedback on any request (see email notification also)

  • Work Request Audit Trail
Detailed trail from Work Request through to work completion including users notes and attachments

E-mails & Texts

  • E-mail Notification
Possible to automatically send emails on many events such as change of any status, addition of a work request, completion of a work order and many other situations

Planned Maintenance


  • One Planned Maintenance Task on many Assets
Possible to add many assets to one PM Task, each with different scheduled dates

  • Planned Maintenance E-mail notification
Possible to automatically email advance warning of jobs to technicians and sub-contractors

  • Planned Maintenance Task Generation
Possible to generate work orders from automatically, manually or until a specified date even if the previous is not closed

  • Parts required
Possible to have advance warning of parts required for Planned Maintenance Tasks



  • Work Order Graphical Calendar
Shows all Work Orders and total workload in hours to ensure workforce availability

  • Technician Graphical Calendar
Shows all work orders by technician and associated workload in hours to ensure effective workload allocation and optimal performance

  • Work Order Status uses colour legend
Easy to see job status by mutli-coloured background



  • Complete inventory management
From warehouses to bin locations, parts availability and assignment, suppliers costs and delivery times

  • Reserved and Re-order Quantities
Parts can be allocated a reserved status, and if minimum and maximum quantities are set, re-order reports  are possible

  • Stock Valuation
Stock is valued according to FIFO principles and total valuation is available by warehouse

Work Orders


  • Work Order Status uses colour legend
Easy to see job status by traffic light coloured background

  • Root Cause Analysis
Ability to record effects, causes, remedies and fault groups to identify problem areas and find most cost-effective solutions

  • Third Party Work Order Creation
Ability to allow third parties to log on and create work requests, with associated e-mail and or text notification

  • Technician and Sub-Contractor Resource Management
Ability to add as many technicians and contractors with different start and end times for each one

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