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CMMS maintenance control

Xetec will be launching FlexDayta™ alongside FlexMaint™ CMMS Software at our upcoming exhibitions.

FlexDayta™ introduces connection to the Internet of Things, allowing the connection of any sensor to FlexMaint™ CAFM and CMMS for control and monitoring. FlexMaint™ CAFM and CMMS offers ultimate flexibility, under your control, to design menus and dialogue boxes the way you want to. This means the software works the way you want rather than the other way around. Add the mobile facility with offline and online capability and you have a dynamic and powerful system.

FlexDayta™ facilitates energy management, data collection, temperature monitoring and much more. Link the M2M Gateways to multiple I/O Modules to receive any signal or measurement that you would like to monitor and control.

The GPRS Gateway

  • The GPRS Gateway is an ObjectServer and a communication concentrator, functioning as the bridge between the control devices and the SDK. In addition, it also handles communications with several peripheral and sub-system protocols.
  • It works in a distributed intelligence architecture, where each Gateway module has its program memory, object data memory (devices, timers, variables) as well as high processing power.
  • The GPRS Gateway can handle server and client socket connections to the SDK. It also allows virtually connecting any device for real-time monitoring and control.

The I/O Controller

  • The I/O Controller is a programmable control unit, with universal inputs and outputs for sensing and actuating, which works either alone or in a distributed intelligence network.
  • Is suitable for Industrial Automation, Building Management Systems (BMS), Energy Management Systems (EMS), Home Automation (HA), other general monitoring/control solutions and M2M/IoT applications.

The M2M Gateway

  • The M2M Gateway is the ultimate industrial IoT gateway. It narrows the distance between the physical and the logical world, easing real-time monitoring and control applications. It also empowers programming through the cloud, but keeping processing local, removing load from your servers with the next generation IoT architecture, the fog computing.
  • Because of its dynamic datapipe, which adjusts traffic to demands, is able to ensure remote real-time data acquisition with very low latency and very little data consumption.
  • Besides the embedded I/O capability, it allows creating a network of devices, either by adding I/O Controllers or third-party modules using standard protocols.




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