Condition Monitoring

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Condition Monitoring is another aspect of predictive maintenance and an integral feature of the FlexMaint™ system that monitors the health of an asset. It alerts you to problems at an early stage before they develop into major faults, thereby prevents impending breakdowns that may be costly to the company. Condition monitoring can be set up through PM Tasks and is associated to the asset with set points or parameters.

Condition monitoring for CMMS

Condition Monitoring – Click to Enlarge

  • Proactive approach that monitors the condition of the assets performance and maximizes uptime.
  • Identifies potential faults before they occur, thereby optimizing the lifespan of the machine.
  • Cost effective maintenance that saves time and money.
  • Sends out an alert when the range is outside the specified set parameters – multiple alarms  can be specified by user.
  • Alarms by e-mail or Work Order.
  • Graphs available for easy analysis.




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