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User configuration is key to successful implementation

A significant number of companies will choose a computerized maintenance management system based on a combination of the look and feel, the price, the salesperson or their company and it’s website, and possibly with good reason.

Then they look towards implementation, and find that it’s a little harder than they imagined. Typical reasons are that the screens are too many and complicated, and it just doesn’t work the way they want. Typically the  software doesn’t fit the company procedures or culture.

If you use FlexMaint™ CMMS computerized maintenance management system, the choice is yours, you can to start with everything on and implement a full system from the start. Or start with the basics, and when you feel you are ready to move on, increase the functionality step by step and introduce the software into the culture and not the other way around. Implementation takes longer but has a better chance of being successful.

Here is a simple 9 step guide to preparing the information for FlexMaint™ CMMS implementation but it can apply to most Preventive Maintenance systems. In some cases there is an argument for leaving some of the steps out. For a more detailed implementation plan please contact us.

We at Xetec are enthusiastic about our computerised maintenance management system. We believe that it’s success is due to the design methodology, and simple navigation within the software. If it is easy to navigate, it is easy to understand, and it will be easy to use. However, we don’t only sell the software, as we understand that  software alone is not the answer to many of our customer’s needs. Maintenance Software is only part of the process, and we therefore offer CMMS installation, training, implementation and support services.

With over 10 years experience, we take pride in ensuring that your CMMS should work the way you want.

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