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FlexMaint Training

Proper training cannot be overemphasised when bringing a new CMMS system into an organisation, as it is key to enhancing the skills of employees and expanding their knowledge base, leading to improvements in efficiency, productivity and performance. Here are some of the many advantages of CMMS training:


Training increases user adoption, which is critical when implementing any CMMS system program. Personnel are more likely to accept the system and use it from the start.

Time and Money

If not properly trained, personnel waste valuable hours trying to learn the system on company time. Training demonstrates best practices when setting up and configuring the system.


Training ensures personnel are all equally proficient on the CMMS system, and agree on similar terminology and methodology.


Proper training means Implementation time can be significantly decreased resulting in a faster CMMS roll-out.


After early adoption, consideration of further training is necessary to optimise fully and maximise benefits.

New Features

As more functionality is added to our CMMS every day, regular training ensures continuous improvement.

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On-site FlexMaint™ CMMS Training for new customers

This can be on-site where customised training using your data is possible. However, sometimes off-site, without interruption is better. Each and every trainee is provided with their own training pc which we believe is critical.
The time taken depends on your software configuration and the number of users. We would normally recommend at least 2 days basic training with your own data to ensure that you get a deeper understanding of the benefits and use.  We will train you on how to use the software correctly and cater to the needs of each user type, depending on their user access. The different types of user are typically super-users (3 days required), managers, technicians and requesters, each of these having variable profiles if necessary. Training is normally from 9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday through Friday, however, we can easily work around your schedule and organise it into your work day.

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