Why use CMMS Software?

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Two sections below offering different viewpoints;

Section 1

  • Control costs
  • Optimise maintenance budget
  • Improve purchase and stock management (reducing costs)
  • Make equipment more available (reducing missed production)
  • Plan your maintenance easily and efficiently
  • Capitalise on experience (fast and easy access to the equipment history)
  • Decrease the number, the frequency and the seriousness of breakdowns
  • Improve the quality of the service (meeting the needs and increasing the satisfaction rate)
  • Increase maintenance productivity
  • Reduce, as much as possible, urgent interventions
  • Improve intervention terms

Section 2

Effectively Plan Maintenance Functions: CMMS lets you take control of maintenance functions in your organization, giving you the freedom to move maintenance activities out of crisis mode and into planning mode.

Improve Productivity:  CMMS improves your organization’s productivity by maximizing equipment uptime and keeping assets in peak operating condition. This reduces unplanned downtime and demand maintenance. Work efficiency is also achieved through better scheduling of maintenance staff.

Lower Overall Operating Costs:  CMMS lets you control and lower maintenance department costs. You gain significant savings by preventing expensive repairs before they occur and improving the efficiency of routine maintenance tasks. And because you don’t stop paying employees when equipment isn’t functioning, preventing downtime also delivers lower operating costs.

Extend Equipment Life:  When you maintain equipment with proper inspections and preventive maintenance, it doesn’t have to be replaced as often. Extending the life of expensive equipment saves your organization money.

Record and Store Valuable Information:  Perhaps the greatest utility of CMMS is its ability to provide you with relevant information regarding maintenance functions. For example, CMMS can alert your organization to under-performing equipment or spaces, labour inefficiencies and reasons for production outages. This type of information lets you make better and more accountable decisions about maintenance functions in your organization

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