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In this section we list FAQ’s that may also provide CMMS Support for our users.

Q. Is FlexMaint™ CMMS available on the cloud or internal server?    

FlexMaint™ CMMS actually works in both environments even at the same time. Being browser based, it can be hosted by us or the client, and therefore on the web or internally on a WiFi signal.

Q. Can FlexMaint™ CMMS send notifications to users when a work request is created?

Yes, FlexMaint™ CMMS can send e-mails and or text messages to selected e-mail addresses (typically a Supervisor) when work requests are created.

Q. Is it possible to have a permanent display of open (non-generated) Work Requests on a monitor?

Yes, we can permanently display a list of “To be generated” work requests. The decision would be to immediately see to the problem, or to take time to generate a work order. An alternative would be to allow requesters to create a work order with a limited number of fields.

Q. Can work order lists be shown with a background colour?

You can have work orders, and work requests with a background colour to easily identify the status.

Q. Can FlexMaint work with Tablets?

Yes, as FlexMaint is browser based, any tablet or smartphone with a browser will allow you access to your FlexMaint CMMS.

Q. Can work order lists be shown per engineer?

There is an advanced search which can be saved per user which shows only the work orders for that engineer, with a choice of status, type and other choices.

Q. What does the “Cancelled” status in a work order do?

The cancelled work order status has been included to assist with Planned Maintenance. At the moment, in phase one of the project to use “Cancelled”, it is just possible to change a work order to a cancelled status and leave it there for visual purposes. In Phase 2 of the “Cancelled project”, if the user chooses cancelled and the work order comes from a Planned Maintenance Task, it will close the work order and ask the user when he/she wants to do the replacement work order having cancelled the original. If it does not come from a Planned Maintenance Task it will just cancel the work order and no further action will be taken. In both cases the technician hours and parts used will revert to zero. The reason for cancellation is just so it can be reported on.

Q. What happens when you close a work order that comes from a Planned Maintenance Task?

At present to close the work order, choose “Closed”. If the work order comes from a PM Task, and the actual end is on a day the user  meant to end it, according to the plan, the PM Task allocates the next one according to the PM Task period, say weekly or monthly.  If the user closes it with the actual end date on a day other than the planned one, the user will be asked the question if he/she wishes to adjust the planned date for the next PM Task work order.

Q. How do you stop a Planned Maintenance Task from generating new work orders?

At present, to stop the work orders from being generated, there are three methods, archive the asset, archive the PM Task or change the Asset Status on the first page to “Inactive”.

Q. If our factory shuts down for a holiday period what do we need to do with the PM Tasks to stop generating them?

You actually don’t need to do anything. The PM Tasks will be generated and scheduled for days during the holiday period. When you return from holidays, you simply complete the work orders in date sequence. When closed with the actual end date after the holidays, you will be asked if you need to reset according to the new schedule and you answer “Yes”.

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