CMMS Acronyms

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5S,Sort-Straighten-Scrub-Systematize or Standardize
ANSI,American National Standards Institute
ARV,Asset Replacement Value
AU/OAU,Asset Utilization/Overall Asset Utilization
CAFM,Computer Aided Facilities Management
CBM,Condition Based Maintenance or Monitoring
CI,Continuous Improvement
CMMS,Computerised Maintenance Management Software
COGM/S,Cost Of Goods Maunfactured or Sold
Cpk,Control performance (k)capability
EAM,Enterprise Asset Management
ERP,Enterprise Resource Planning
FMA,Failure Mode Analysis
FMEA,Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
FIFO,First In First Out
ISO,International Standards Organization
JIT,Just in Time
KPI,Key Performance Indicator
LTA,Lost Time Accident
MRO,Maintenance Repair and Operating (Inventory)
MTBF,Mean Time Between Failure
MTTR,Mean Time To Repair
O&M,Operating and Maintenance
OEE,Overall Equipment Efectiveness
OSHA,Occupational Safety and Health Administration
PaM,Proactive Maintenance
PdM,Predictive Maintenance
PF Interval,Time between Potential and Functional Failure
PM,Planned or Preventive Maintenance
PPE,Personal Protective Equipment
QA,Quality Assurance
RBD,Reliability Based Design
RBO,Reliability Based Operation
RCA,Root Cause Analysis
RCFA,Root Cause Failure Analysis
RCM,Reliability Centered Maintenance
SOS,Standard Operating Conditions
SOP,Standard Operating Procedures
SPC,Statistical Process Control
SQC,Statistical Quality Control
TPM,Total Productive Maintenance
UOM,Unit of Measure
UOP,Unit of Purchase
WBS,Work Breakdown Structure
WO,Work Order
WR,Work Request

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CMMS Acronyms

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