Why use Barcodes for Maintenance?

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Barcode Scanning is now an optional part of the FlexMaint™ CMMS Preventive Maintenance Management software and it is designed to enhance the performance of your maintenance team.

You can generate your own barcodes for assets, technicians, warehouse bin locations and parts, or use the existing barcodes. Either way printing on labels is then easy to ensure data accuracy and save time. We can offer suitable scanning and printing hardware to enable you to make full use of our barcode facility. Ask for a demo to see exactly how we can help.

Here are some reasons why;

  • Easily record Breakdown Work Orders
  • Accurately manage Stock Parts and their usage
  • Register Technician Identification
  • Reduce Manual Data Entry
  • Increase Accuracy and Efficiency
  • Links New Barcode Information to existing Work Orders
  • Save Time and Money

Breakdowns sorted in 5 seconds

Barcode Scanning Capabilities simplifies the process of Asset Management Maintenance in a few simple clicks. There is no needs to input data using a keyboard, no pen and paper , no hassle – all you have to do is POINT and CLICK.

Scanner combo


  • Scan the Asset
  • Scan the Technician’s Name
  • Scan the Part (if required)
  • Re-scan the Asset
  • Plug Scanner into your computer
  • Work Order automatically generates

Work Orders generate automatically with the work order number, the parts used and the technician’s name with his/her time being the difference of when the technician first or last scanned the asset.

We believe the two main benefits of using barcodes for maintenance are the management of breakdown work orders and stock inventory. For example, how many breakdown work orders are never reported? FlexMaint™ has the ability to record the breakdowns as they are repaired. And in an effort to adjust parts inventory to required levels, we can make it easy to record parts usage whether you have a storekeeper or not, and whether you prefer to print work orders or not. Contact us so we can demonstrate how.

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